NVH Test


Acoustic Audio Chamber

NVH Bench Tester (Acoustic Audio Chamber)

  • Mobile phone NVH test
  • Audio NVH test
  • MP3 NVH test
  • PC cooling fan NVH test
  • Small home appliance noise test
  • FFT Analyzer for NVH test
  • Micro-Phone and dB meter
  • Poly-Urethane wedge
  • Moving foot master
  • Test wample mount grating
  • CCD recording system
  • 16ch data acquisition
  • Sensor junction box
  • Through PID touch screen and NI LabVIEW program control
  • Automatic test report generation
MODEL SEOUL-NVH-8848-0 Series
Temperature Control Range Room temperature
Back Ground Noise 25dB
Poly Urethane Wedge Shape 200 x 200 x 400
DC Power Control 0 ~ 30V ±0.01V
Distance (Wedge to Wedge) 800mm
Material Insulator + Isolator + Wedge
Test Room Dimension 1800(W) x 1950(H) x 1800(D)
Door 1000 x 1000
Weight 350kg