NVH Test


Semi-Anechoic Room NVH Test Bench

  • Heat Exchanger NVH Test Via Air Flow Rate
  • Fan code test with NVH
  • Air duct NVH test via air flow rate
  • HVAC NVH test
  • Fan & Blower NVH test
  • Air Filter NVH test via air flow rate
  • Cooling module NVH test
  • Poly-Urethane Wedge
  • FFT Analyzer for NVH test
  • Wind tunnel for HVAC and module test
  • Close type wind circulation
  • ASHRAE Standard air flow nozzles
  • Multi air circulation blower (Six)
  • AHU, Boiler, and Refrigerators
  • CCD Recording system
  • DC power Ssupply
  • Automatic step control test
    (Fan voltage, air flow rate)
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Radio alarm messaging system
  • 50 data acquisition channels
  • Through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW®
  • Facility working state dsplay panel

CN ZL 2004 2 0000818.5
KR No. 10-1508316 / 10-1512808 / 10-1879409 / 20-0309476 / 20-0309475 / 30-0341592

MODEL SEOUL-NVH-8848-4 Series
Applicable Standards KS I ISO 3745
Background Noise 23 dB(A) Less (at Device Stops)
Measurement Frequency Band 20 ~ 20,000 Hz (1/3 Octave Band Analysis)
Sound Characteristic ISO 3745 Satisfaction (at over 200Hz )
Poly Urethane Wedge Shape 200*200*425
Wedge Density 32 kg/m3
Material Insulator +Air Foget+Insulator+sound Board+ noise insulation material + Wedge
Test Room Dimension 6350(W) x 2800(H) x 5000(D)
Main Door IN soundproof door1000(W)x 2000(H) Single Open
OUT sound insulation door1000(W)x 2000(H) Single Open